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Other Services

In addition to the services mentioned, we also offer a range of other solutions, including the following:

  • Car Yard Cleaning: A clean and tidy car yard will help you attract more potential customers, helping you close more deals.
  • Event Cleaning: Merfield Group will help you clean up after events to ensure your business maintains a positive public image.
  • High-Pressure Cleaning: Our expert high-pressure cleaners can remove even the most stubborn stains and from a range of surfaces including concrete and brickwork.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Our carpet cleaning services will provide a deep clean, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and looking as good as the day you installed them.
  • Infectious Control: Merfield Group will help prevent infectious outbreaks on your premises by helping to maintain high hygiene standards 24/7.
  • Stripping & Sealing: Get your flooring in good condition with help from our professional strip and seal services.
  • Window Cleaning: Our team will keep your windows clean helping you to make the right impression.
  • Pest Control: Our pest control experts will help to eradicate pest infections on your property. We can also make recommendations that will help prevent infections from happening again.
  • Security: Merfield Group offers 24/7 security services to help keep your premises safe around the clock.
  • Test and Tag: Our test and tag solutions will help ensure your appliances are all in good and safe working order and available to use when you need them.
  • Hygiene and Sanitation: Keep your premises clean and hygienic with help from our professional hygiene and sanitation services.
  • Consumables: Ensure your staff have all they need to be productive and comfortable with our consumables management services.
  • Waste Management: Merfield Group offers effective waste management solutions that will help keep your premises hygienic and tidy.

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